Wow .... I am already busy shooting Superstar and Stan Smith Adidas winter 2015 2016 collection times flies! It was a nice summer day last week when I shot the new arrivals in Antwerp for the Marcoz shop and facebook. Well I am off now, heading to my packshot studio, the new arrivals are coming in fast...Read More

Eline De Munck, vlaamse presentatrice en VJ bij Jim tv lanceerde gisteren haar eigen brillenmerk, Odette Lunettes en het mag gezegd zijn het was een groot succes, haar brillen zijn elegant maar met een krachtig statement en dat past perfect bij haar, thumbs up voor Eline de Munck! Ik en mijn...Read More

It's been a while since I started taking images and now when I am busy with my newbsite I am going over so many images from way back, it even freeks me out how fast it all passes by. I found this image from when I just started fashion brands, mainly shoes for one of my first clients Marcoz shoe...Read More

My friend Cathérine Kools has been playing with a band since a while and yesterday was her first perfomance and they rocked it! I had such a fun evening, the atmosphere was perfect, the band, named Maria Didn't Call, was really really good! I had a blast and made a...Read More